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In October 2017, I was five weeks pregnant with my second child when my mother suddenly passed away. This devastating loss was life-altering. My mother, Nancy Albrink, exuded a force as a pianist, in her passion for teaching and as my musical partner. I felt compelled to honor her in an impactful and lasting way. It was then that Force of Nature was set in motion. I chose to commission and then record four new song cycles by Jake Heggie, Rene Orth, Nailah Nombeko, and Steve Rouse. For centuries, the canon of classical song has not reflected the female experience - particularly of mothers - with the same breadth and variety of expression that it has granted the experience of men. The pieces on this album explore a wide range of emotions and stories through a female lense including insecurity, body image issues, risk-taking, poor decisions, abuse, gossip, modern motherhood and getting away from it all to sing to the radio. I hope this album resonates with listeners and captures the essence and authenticity of contemporary womanhood. Throughout this process music has, in some ways, become the mother I have lost and making this album has been more cathartic for me than I could have imagined.

Weave me a Name


Rene Orth | Jeanne Minahan


1. Beginnings (1:47)

2. One Of Nine Children, Your (Wild) Grandmother (2:35)

3. The Return (3:20)

4. The Plaits (3:57)

5. Your Turn (2:32)

6. The Single Mother (1:20)

7. Handiwork (5:01)


Many Facets of Womanhood


Nailah Nombeko | Mary McCallum


8. Be brave, be bold, be free! (5:06)

9. Time to take this Leap! (3:54)

10. How do I keep it all together? (3:19)


Morreale Monologues

Steve Rouse | Vin Morreale, Jr.

11. I Know I Look Good (2:39)

12. Thank You (2:59)

13. Can You Keep a Secret? (2:01)

14. Rest Now (3:46)

15. I Love This Song (2:36)


Force of Nature


Jake Heggie | Emily Albrink and Kathleen Kelly


16. Force of Nature (3:11)

17. Space Mountain (4:35)

18. Now I See You (3:10)

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